Andy's Gallery

Pictures and brief technical overview of my current and past fleet.
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Current Fleet

Katana MD
Cliff let me fly one of the prototypes and I was hooked! What a great flying model! Link to Atlanta Hobby
46/34oz/500 sq."/9.77oz/sq.'
Art Hobby High Aspect 3.1
Bought this for SEFF LMR in case it was windy, but never got it finished in time - still in progress,
Build thread here..
Senior Telemaster
Bought this one pretty much RTF from a local modeler, seen it fly at SEFF and the Drones and just liked the look of it. I'll probably re-cover it and add flaps, but it flies just fine as it is.
94"/?oz/1330 sq."/?oz/sq.'
Addiction 3D ARF
Impulse buy, but watch the video's on Atlanta Hobby's site to see why I couldn't resist! Great model, of course, my skills can't do it justice but I'm having fun anyway!
40/27oz/485 sq."/8oz/sq.'
27% Extra ARF
27% Extra 300 ARF, to be setup with Axi 5330/24, Jeti 90, 10s LiPo. As my first giant scale model, I spent a lot of time thinking about each step of the assembly, learning as I go. Unfortunately destroyed on its maiden flight - with a qualified pilot (not me) at the controls. Power system related, I believe fake Deans connectors on the batteries I was using (purchased from another modeler)
82" / 1120 sq." / ~15lbs / ~3000W
Windrider Airliner
6' foamie ARF model similar to a famous commercial airliner
4-motor EDF conversion of this new slope model, prepared for review in Fly-RC, Dec 2007. Flies like a dream and looks GREAT in the air!
Slow Jazz Biplane
Indoor ARF biplane, with lights for night flying
26" / 485 sq." / 5.1oz / <1,6 oz/sq"
Fan-Tastic Models F9F Panther
Link to discussion thread regarding this model - powered with a medusa MR-012-030-5300, 3s 730 LiPo, GWS 40mm fan, had problems at first with weird stall problems (only power-off) but it was traced to a bad LE (too sharp). Rounded and covered with metal tape, it flies GREAT now!
3.2m RES electric sailplane. Assembly thread here
Hacker B40 FAI 6.7:1 with Master 105A ESC, 7xGP2200 & CAM 18x10. ~58oz with 2.5oz 4 cell 2100mAh NiMH Rx pack. Link to the manufacturer's site
Indoor slow-flyer
31" rod and tube, with rip-stop nylon surfaces. All moving tail, flies slowly but very fragile.
LMH Corona 120
Fixed-pitch beginner heli
I give up on the Piccolo - was told to try a Corona - they were right! Much easier to fly, will take time to learn this! Mine has two HS85BB's for cyclic, HS81MG for tail with Futaba GY240 gyro, carbon tail pushrod (less slop than stock), and JR VE gear (wider and includes battery clips). Was powered by 8 Sub-C's, Mega 16/15/3, 9T pinion, now on 2s7800mAh TP LiPo, with a Hacker C40 12t and a 13t pinion Kontronik Jazz 40 ESC, 24 minute duration.
30" (rotor)/~45 oz
Great Planes Siren hotliner ARF
79" ARF entry-level hotliner
A nice entry into the hotliner market for Great Planes - A fantastic entry-level hotliner, very economical, flies well on a cheap brushed setup but really shines on a good brushless system!
79"/492 sq."/~45-49 oz
Great Planes web site
LiftZone review of this model
GWS Cargotrans Quad
What is there to say? This is a great replica of the famous C-130, and I chose the Blue Angels "Fat Albert" scheme for my model. I received a pre-production kit for this review, but it was simple to assemble. Flies great on the provided power system, 4 IPS motors with iddy biddy props, and a 2s LiPo pack. Lots of fun to build and even more fun to fly - read the review (link below) for more detail.
44"/221 sq."/~19oz
Read the EZone review here
GWS web site
1.25m DL glider
What a hoot.. my first DL, easy and fund to build and fly! Plenty of info on this one in RCGroups Hand Launch forum, including a great ongoing build and discussion thread. This one gets to fly almost daily!
48"/250 sq."/<7 oz (3.7-4 oz/sq')
Wright Brothers R/C web site
Hacker Model 1.6M Joker powered glider
A great little poly ship for low-level thermal hunting, it actually performs REALLY well in sport sailplane or extreme F5J events now that I've added spoilers. Very durable, although the low-weight fuselage that makes it such a good performer is also subject to cracking on spot landings (it's fine for casual park flying, however!) I added some CF unidirectional cloth along the inside of the fuse and now it's stiff and strong, and only added .3oz. One of my favorites!
56"/409 sq."/22oz
Full review on RCGroups LiftZone
GWS Formosa 36" Parkflyer Aerobatic Ship
I bought this one assembled and flown by another RCGroups member. It had retracts, but I didn't have much luck with those, so I ripped off the gear and just hand-launch it. It flies straight as an arrow out of your hand, and is a great aerobatic performer! This will be a great warm up to the Long Stick, just as the 3DX is for 3D. I'm running a B20 18L on 3s TP 2100's, with a 9x6 prop. Flies most of the pattern at half throttle, easy 20 minute flights. Up for sale if anyone needs a lightweight ship to throw in the car and fly at the park..
36"/255 sq."/~15oz
GWS web site
GWS SlowStick 46" Indoor/Parkflyer
The famous slow-stick - I couldn't resist, and it's become a workhorse for aerial photography as well as frequent indoor events. With two HS55's and a Hitec Electron 6 receiver, GWS ESC and stock motor. I get 30 minute flights on 6x1000mAh MAXX NiMH cells. Also gets up to altitude quickly on 7xHE1100mAh NiMH cells.
46.3"/506 sq."/~16oz
GWS web site
Sirius (PG Gerasis) 7-27 cell F5B
Hollow molded balsa/fiberglass laminate wing w/MH30 airfoil, gelcoated kevlar fuselage, T-tail. Initial power was an Aveox F7 on 8 zapped 2000RC cells and a 14x9.5 CAM prop.
Servo glitches turned out to be a damaged receiver, which was repaired gratis by Hitec, and I'm excited to get this one back in the air! Now flying on an Aveox F12, 12 zapped and matched 2400RC cells, and a 15x15 RFM prop. >1000W in, flies like a dream.
67"/440 sq."
Lil' Skeeter
Micro indoor fun-fly
Flies about 10 minutes on a single 145mAh Lithium Polymer cell! A hoot to fly!
15"/~40 sq."/<1 oz
Dynamics Unlimited web site

Models For Sale

Added a bunch of models to sell, funding a switch to 2.4GHz equipment. Most are still flying, however..

Gary Wright's Kwik-E Sport/Pylon
A kwik-building laser-cut kit, designed for one-class pylon racing. A fast, sturdy little pylon model, but a nice size and with very docile handling for 'first timers'! Put my F5D motor in it just for kicks, but proved that no matter how much power you put into it, the kwik-E simply won't go more than 85-90! (without fluttering itself to death!) Needs to find a home where it will get flown more often!
40"/278 sq."/28 oz
Gary Wright's web site
CSD Twister
34" Sports Pylon Racer
Flies great on a Graupner 6V Speed 400, 7.75x4.75 CAM prop, 8x500AR, Astro 215 ESC, Hitec 555, 2x FMA s90.
Currently running a Mega 16/15/4 and 8xKAN950's, with a Castle Phoenix 25 ESC - clocked at 102mph in a shallow dive. Flown for a couple of years on an Astro 7T 020 brushless, although performance with the speed 400 was almost as good. Also, flies well on the RadioShack 1420 and 1600 NiMH packs, but the new NiMH's make it more nimble. Wow. How old is that. I've switched to all LiPo's and now have an F5D ship in the works, so this one can be sold..
Cavazos Web Site
34"/170 sq."/16oz

On the shelf, or back in the shop:
Which will be next?

Bird of Time ARF
Traded the EZGlider for this at a swap meet, pretty much just needs a motor and RX, but will add spoilers first.

118"/1070 sq."/?oz/? oz/sq.'
Windrider Ele Bee 48" wing
Traded the Katana EP for this at a swap meet, just needs A RX.

48"/? sq."/?oz/? oz/sq.'
Polecat Aero Winddancer
Bought this one framed up so you might call it an ARF, want this as my backup/windy conditions ship for 1/2A..
72"/538 sq."/20-30oz/5.5-7.5 oz/sq.'
Link to Polecat's site
Tensor 4D ARF flat-plate foamie Link to Horizon's site
I've always wanted a 3D ship I could fly in my small front yard, but I'm not good enough to keep them out of the trees! Hoping THIS one will be lightly loaded enough that I can practice 3D without getting out the ladder..
27"/393 sq."/9.5oz/3.5oz/sq.'
Pulsar 2005 Speed 400 LMR sailplane
Removable nose cone with battery tray, 2 piece flap for single servo, tail-mounted elevator servo, Carbon D-Box wing, Carbon/Kevlar fuselage
78.75"/496sq."/22 oz/6.5 oz/sq.' - Airfoil: AG25
Topaz-E 3m LMR sailplane
Removable nose cone with battery tray, Full-house, tail-mounted servos, Carbon D-Box wing, Carbon/Kevlar fuselage
Specs needed
Avionik D-2000
40" F5D pylon
A *real* F5D airframe, bought used and abused, rebuilding/repairing. Stalled while trying to determine tail incidence.
See ICARE's web site
40"/178 sq."/30 oz
A vintage model picked up from a retiring modeler, built many years ago and flown on glow, will make a fine electric ship.
~80" / ~950 sq." / 4.5lbs for the airframe
RCWorks 36" flying wing
36"/? sq."/?oz/? oz/sq.'
Discussion/build thread on RCGroups
Unknown heli, looks to be from Align RC
Traded for my Diablotin, trying to determine what this is..
A nice looking twin EDF.
33"/264 sq."/~30oz
Build thread on RCGroups
Star Flight Classic Fortune
3m composite glider
Flew this one for the first time recently. It went up like stink on an Aveox F16, 16 1950FAUP's and a 16x10 prop - about 60A static. Really took off like a well-powered hotliner! Flies like a dream, and slows to a crawl for landing. The flaps are VERY effective, I want to try and get the aileron linkages worked out to get full crow for getting it down quickly from altitude. Right now, they are bottom hinged, as are the flaps, but that makes it tough to raise them very far.
117"/980 sq."/04 oz
StarFlight's web site
Back "in the shop" to try and tighten up aileron and flaps - linkages are tight but surfaces move as wing skin flexes..
Ariane V11
The German 2002 F5B airframe. A Beautiful piece of work.. Thinking about flying this at SEFF.. just thinking..
Shredair's web site
Simprop Peppo
1.2m mini-hotliner
I've always wanted one of these. This one will be unique, however. I plan to add flaps, bag the wing with carbon, possible add a spar, and use it as a parkfyer hotliner - suitably powered, of course!
47"/214 sq."/21 oz target weight

Great Planes DC3 ARF for twin Sp400 - possibly for display only..
60"/~393 sq."/~48 oz
Diablotin Super
61" 3D Aerobatic
This was bought from a Rob Honeycutt. Hacker B50 11XL 6.7:1 20 x 8 prop, UBEC and hacker 77 amp speed control. 6S4P TP 7800 lipo, hitec digital servos installed.
I need to work out the elevator linkages - may remount the elevator and use one servo as recommended by Kyle. Also, the stock gear is a little flimsy, and could use a little more ground clearance - I may make up a new CF gear for it.
61"/924 sq."/8 lbs
Esprit Models web site
Build thread by Rob
Todd's Models Attitude
Aerobatic 3D Profile
A kind RCGroups member donated this model. I planned to make it into a 3D night flyer for SEFF 2007, ended up flying the Slow Jazz at night. Still on my to-do list, though!
Review on
34"/390 sq."/~20 oz
Ikarus ECO 8 (Yet to fly!)
8-10 Cell CCPM Electric Heli
Will run on Magnetic Mayhem Reverse, Jeti 500 and 10 3000NiMH cells for initial hover and setup.  Once power requirements have been determined, brushless sysem to be purchased. I've spooled it up and it scared the life out of me! So I've shelved this one until I've got more time on something like the Piccolo!
4xHitec HS81MG, Century Gyro, Futaba R148 Receiver.
Rotor: 41.75", Length: 36", ~49oz
Kyosho Sukhoi Su31 Breitling ARF
55" Scale Aerobatic
Hacker B50-9S, 77 ESC, on 16 FAUP1950 cells, 15x8" prop. Went like stink on this setip. but CG was way too far back, control throws way too high, and I spun it in on it's maiden flight. Cowl is crushed but repairable, but the GB shaft is bent - awaiting replacement. I also picked up some TP packs, hope I can get it to balance!
55"/561 sq."/<100 oz
Kavan Wingo
40" parkflyer
What can I say. I'm regressing! :) We're having a Wingo pylon race at SEFF this year, so I figured I may as well buy one!
First flights on Hacker B20 15L, 8xKAN 950 and a 9x6 prop. Vertical! :) Crashed on second flight, glued all the bits back together, and it's now setup for the Wingo pylon at SEFF 2003 with a 6V speed 400. Made it to the finals by process of elimination, but came in last. Fun, though! Took it to SEFF 2004, and tried to fly it in Sport Sailplane LMR event! Burned up the stock motor, so had to replace it for the pylon event - didn't make it past the qualifiers this year.
43"/400 sq."/~20 oz
Hobby-Lobby's web site
Windstar 78" ARF sailplane
I won this at an R/C Club christmas party. Stripped the supplied covering off the wing panels to prepare to use this wing on my Filip 600 fuselage to make it a RES ship. I decided to make it into a 100" wing, so I have to build a flat middle section with spoilers.. working on it, slowly..
78"/574 sq."/< 40 oz
Great Planes Spirit 100" for electric
Framed, just needs equipment and covering.. sigh..


Pulsar 2.5/Bingo
Bought this in a moment of weakness in case I didn't get the High Aspect ready for SEFF LMR - didn't get that done either! Needed some work,, ended up selling it!
Multiplex EasyGlider
I bought the cheaper slope version to convert to electric. Also added flaps, and made the tail removable for transport. Test flight ended up ripping the nose off, guess I have enough power! Repaired and flown a good bit, no issues but a little faster than I'd prefer. Flaps are effective. Traded for the BOT ARF..
Build thread here..
Katana EP
Aerobatic 3D Profile
Bought used, it's a great flyer - a good next step from a flat-plate foamie. Torque 22T/930 and 4 x HS65s, Electron 6, PHX 35, 3s 2100 LiPo.
Flies great but about the same as the flat-plate models, no complaint, just prefer fully built up models so I bought a katana MD. Traded for the Ele Bee wing..
Great Planes Wright Flyer ARF
31"/312 sq."/12oz/4.5 oz/sq.'
Link to Tower Hobbies
omega 1.8m
1.8m sailplane
Bought used with 4 HS56's, pretty much just needing a power system and rx to fly. Rebuilt it, made up a canopy, and switched ailerons left-right so I could get flaperons for approach control. Set up for F/X5J with a Cyclon Mini-Elite brushless and 2s 1800mAh EVO lipo - climbed like an F5B ship! Sold it back to original owner, however (without power system - that went into EZGlider)
Cox Wings Dust Devil ARF
2m "05" class RES sailplane. Great model, QUICK and easy assembly -
Full review posted on LiftZone!
Link to the manufacturer's site
Really nice flyer, especially if there's a bit of wind keeping the lighter ships on the ground. Still, I have more than enough sailplanes, and as it's only 2m, this one was sold to fund my 2.4GHz switch..
Cox Wings EP 380 Trainer ARF
45" ARF trainer
Great little model, good alternative to foamie trainers on markets. Quick and easy assembly - as with dust devil. Just not one I fly enough to keep around, so donated to a local beginner..
Full review posted on LiftZone!
Link to the manufacturer's site
45"/314 sq."/~27oz
Flight Endeavor's Park Racer
24" park-flyer pylon
Built these for review and raced at SEFF 2004, a hoot to fly in a small park - really slow but agile. Just not something I flew often, so donated to a better home! Link to review with video of pylon racing!
Donated by an RCGroups member who just wanted to get rid of it. Bare airframe only. I later donated it to another member.
27" sports pylon
Bought used and abused, installed a Mega 16/15/3, PHX45, and flew on 3s TP ProLites. Get's REALLY small in a hurry! Just remembered how much I get bored with just poking holes in the sky, sold it with power system.
Diablotin Mini Super
50" 3D Aerobatic
This was bought from a North Carolina modeler. Powered by a Mega 22/30/2 motor with an Astroflight superbox 3.69:1, 15x8 APC E prop, 12 3000mAh Panasonic NiMH cells. According to the previous owner, "Vertical is no problem with it. :)". He had made a new landing gear so it was strong enough not to splat on landing, and vac formed a new canopy out of styrene as the stock one was too flimsy for frequent battery changes. Really don't fly this with all the other smaller (and larger) aerobatic models I have, so I traded it for a little heli.
50"/600 sq."/~70 oz
Esprit Models web site
Great video by Henke Torphammar, hovering over water
Mini Funtana 3D ARF
I bought this one used, from another RCGroups member. Finally found a home for my Cyclon mini-elite! With a 3s TP 2100 ProLite, and a 10x4.7 APC E prop, I got >40A peak.. That's 400W! What a hoot! And with throws on 30% low rates, this thing snaps and rolls and spins like crazy! Stripped out power system for my Omega 1.8, and sold it..
37"/329 sq."/~24 oz
Horizon web site
EFlite Mini Ultra-Stick
Another one I bought used, from another RCGroups member. Never even flew it, just got too many other projects on the plate to let this one sit around..
Took a while to fly this one due to a series of problems every time I tried (back linkages, then gear ripped off on takeoff!). Once flown, however, it's a blast! A cross between a hotliner and a pattern model, a nice model to fly pattern-like, yet with great speed and duration. Lands nicely, so it can be flown in a tight field. One of my favorites!
46"/353 sq."/37 oz
Hobby-Lobby's web site
Read my review of this model on
CSD Twister
34" Sports Pylon Racer
I bought another - this one will have it's wing bagged and a more powerful power system..
34"/170 sq."/ ? oz
Sky Sergio
2.2m full-house speed 400 F5J sailplane
Bought used with Rocket 400 motor, Cosmotech 4.5:1 gearbox & 12x7.5 carbon folding prop, 3 HS55's and a D60 on flap, ready to fly 21.6oz with 7-cell 2/3A cells. Modified for 1/2A LMR, and had potential, but decided to sell this to get a sturdier ship for F/X5J
RCM Pelikan Filip 600
78" (2m) Glider
Very good performance on stock (Hobby Lobby recommended) Graupner Speed Gear 500 2.8:1 12x10 prop 8 cells. Installed Aveox 1010/2Y/Jeti 40A controller with 8xCP1300SCR 14x9.5 prop. Now running a Kontronik Drive 201 with 7xCp1300 - nice and light, and nearly out of sight in 45 seconds (LMR task)! EASY 15 minute flights in the lightest lift, longer in anything better.. Sold it as my sailplane collection has "matured"..
78"/592 sq."/43oz
Hobby-Lobby's web site
Click here for my reivew at the E Zone
Omega 2m with Flaps
78" Full House Sailplane
Purchased used, needs some TLC but sold to a local pilot who said it flew great until he got a radio hit and it was destroyed.
78"/595 sq."/ <50 oz
Kyosho F16 ARF
37" Foam ARF Electric Ducted Fan jet
First flown on stock motor and fan with Jeti 35ESC and 8x1250SCR cells.
Currently running like a rocket on Aveox 1114/4Y, Kyosho fan, 12x1250SCR zapped cells, Aveox L130 ESC. I loved this model, thought about another power system upgrade, but in reality knew I'd never get to it. After years of debate, decided to sell it.
Hitec 555 w/4x110mAh, 4 x HS60.
36.8"/302 (340?) sq."/48oz
Click here for my complete F16 site
SR Bantam Bipe
39" indoor bipe
Another fantastic SR kit, this time an indoor bipe. Flies great on the suggested GWS MPI power system. I use 7x370NiMH cells, for about 20 minutes of flying time. Color is based on a stearman I've flown in. Flies great indoors and out, although a radio hit caused me to nose in from 20' up, and destroy the front two formers. Rebuilt it, but as the indoor site shut down, I sold it..
39" (bipe)/380 sq."/9oz
SR Batteries Web Site
Top Models Adriana
82" full-house sailplane
A nice 80" sailplane with flaps - I plan to use this for 7-cell work - less wing area than my Filip, but with flaps, I had hopee camber control will make it a floater. Ended up with an AVA, sold this as I knew I'd never get to it!
Link to LiftZone review by Mike Heer
82"/505 sq."/~32 oz
DMA Skat
Unbuilt kit, for when I get serious about pylon..
DMA's web site
Looks like I'd never get to it, sold it to a new home..
Trick R/C Zagi-400 Electric
48" Foamie Fun Flyer
Graupner 6V Speed 400 with Graupner 5x5 CAM prop, 8x500AR, FMA mini 30 ESC, Hitec 555, 2x Hitec HS80. My intro to the Zagi - this model was sold and is still flying today..
48"/480 sq."/19oz
Dymond Model Sport Crazee ARF
63" Powered Glider (Warmliner?)
First flown on Dymond Max 6 with Graupner CAM 8x4.5 folding prop, 7x1700RC and Jeti 500 ESC.
Then with Dymond 3:1 inline box, 14x9.5 CAM prop, Jeti 35 ESC and 8x1250SCR cells.
Futaba R127DF, 2 x Hitec HS81 + 2 x HS80 w/MG. Now sold, as I wanted a glider for gliding and real hotliners for speed!
63"/525 sq."/44oz 
Click here for my reivew at the E Zone
Muliplex Pico Jet Comabt
35" combat foamie
This one has been sold. Not a bad little model but a little more of a 'single purpose' model than the Zagi (which I kept). A screamer, when suitably powered - the suggested Permax 480 is a little weak, the Turbo 450/8xCP1300 or 8x800AR/6.5x4 combination makes it fly as it should. Max throws make it perfom as intended, if a little dazzling (like my color scheme!)
35"/ 300 sq."/ 25oz
Graupner Cub
Bought this one used, yet to fly but powered similarly to review (below).. Ended up selling it, another "never seem to get around to it" project.. sigh..
72"/690 sq."/~96oz
Read the review on EZone
Robbe Limit
27-cell F5B
An oldie but a goodie. Purchased used, with F12/L60uP, 15x15 prop and a couple of 10x1250SCR packs. Never flown (aileron servo damaged, removed it and sold to fund other projects)
?"/? sq."/? oz
(Who makes this one?) Crashed (badly) by local pilot, but will fly again! I repaired it as an exercise in working on glass ships. Did a nice job if I do say so myself! I picked up an Astro 020 6T (pylon) for this one but never got around to flying it. Sold to fund other projects
FVK Absolute
Another 7-14-cell F5B - Wonderful looking model.. I had a lot of interest in hotliners and F5B ships for a while, but have some nice ones already flying, and an Ariane V11 waiting in the wings, so I sold this before I ever started working on it.
Aero-Model's web site
Sobayakin Stinger 400
28" Pylon ARF
I had an 010 in one, on 8x720NiMH cells and a 4.7x4.7prop, I got 10 minutes of 'fast enough' pylon practice.. You need good eyes for this one! Also squeezed in a 555 (no case) and a couple of micro servos.. Sold both the flying one and a spare to fund other projects.
See ICARE's web site
27.75"/75 sq."/9 oz
Smart (PG Gerasis)
55" mini-F5B
This one was a screamer. Unlike the Falcon, I had this one suitably powered with an Aveox F10, 15x15 RFM prop and 8xRC2000 zapped cells. A little under 100A made for a wild ride! Damaged in a crash, minor wing and fuse damage, sold with spare wing.
"/ sq."/oz
SR Batteries X250
36" Fun Flyer
Built stock, with a Graupner 7.2V Speed 400 w/2.33:1 gearbox, 9x5 Slim prop, 10x500 SR Max, Jeti 350 ESC, Hitec 555, 3x Hitec HS60.
36"/250 sq."/24.8oz(stock) - 28oz or so (brushless)
Flew a bunch with a Kontronik Fun 400 motor and the Aeronaut 8.5x5 (likes a little speed for snap aerobatics, even if the vertical is not quite unlimited with this setup. Sold power system with the model.
SR Batteries Web Site
Hacker Model 2.8M Antares powered glider
Falcon from NESail (no idea who makes it!)
53" mini-F5B
Designed as a mini F5B, I flew it 'underpowered' with a Mega 30/3, 12.5x10 prop and 8xCP1300. The Jeti 40A ESC provided flawless BEC even at these loads. Climbed high enough for 'terminal velocity' dives in about 10 seconds.
I picked this one up used and abused. As such, I did not treat it with silk gloves! It was crashed badly once, received hanger rash (broken stab), slid backwards into a fence on landing which broke the elevator! It still kept flying, however, and for a long time it was one of my favorite 'stress relieving' models!
Broken tail on landing when spoilers caused sudden pitch-down. Figured out it was a mix I had on my Tx that allowed me to dial in eleavtor compensation for landing with spoilerons! Traded some old brushed stuff for a used fuselage, and got it flying again in no time! I planned to upgrade the power system but ended up selling it instead.
53"/306 sq."/42 oz New! Click here for video!
Titanic Airlines B29
I always wanted one of these. I see this one sitting until I retire, however - so I let it go. A lot of effort to build, but it should be worth it (see pics at link, below)
80"/>50 oz
Titanic's web site (no longer in production)
DMA Flea
Framed, "just" needs equipment and tail surfaces covered.. sigh.. I know I'll never get around to finishing it, so I sold it including the motor/prop..
DMA's web site
Pelikan A6M2 Zero
44" ARF warbird
Won this one in the SEFF 2003 raffle (Thanks, Hobby Lobby!). Looks like a nice build, and a good flyer. When do I get around to it? Probably never.. so I sold it.
44"/300 sq."/~46 oz flying weight
Hobby-Lobby's Zero page
EZoneMag Review
Kyosho T33 ARF
Foam ARF Electric Ducted Fan jet
Not flown by me - I took it after the original owner tired of trying to get it to fly (he's not an experienced electric flyer).. The ailerons were very poorly cut by original owner, so they had a lot of binding, and thus very little movement at the tips - probably half the reason he could never fly it well. The wing was damaged, but the spar was intact and easily reinforced with carbon tow and sanded back to something resembling an airfoil. You can see the right tip was creased, and one side of the stab has also been broken. Both are structurally fine. A few blobs of probond took care of the broken foam on the fuse. This one would not take long to get flying, but it's way down the list! Sold it for pocket money!
SR Batteries Cutie
46" R/E trainer Laser Cut kit
Flew like a dream on the stock Graupner 7.2V Speed 400 w/2.33:1 gearbox, 9x5 Slim prop, 10x500 SR Max or 10x600AE, Jeti 350 ESC, Hitec 555, 2x Hitec HS60. \ A perfect R/E trainer!
Rebuilt following a rather bad crash at a fun fly. With a Kontronik 400/22 in the nose, flew GREAT! This one makes a nice wireless video platform! Still, not flown enough, so I sold it.
SR Batteries Web Site
46"/360 sq."/27oz
Ernie Schlumber design Mini-Wing Indoor/Parkflyer
Mini indoor wing runs on a GWS direct drive motor and a couple of small Lithium cells. I don't fly indoor, however, so it's sold.
Trick R/C Zagi FIXX
Z-Foam parkflyer wing
Won this one at SEFF 2003 (Thanks, Atlanta Hobby and Trick R/C). The kit was supplied complete - just add servos and receiver. You simply glue the two wing halves together, install equipment, and go fly. It's a nice parkflyer - too fast for the street, but OK in a baseball field or parking lot. Durable, nice that it doesn't need to be covered, and will fly 10+ minutes on the provided NiMH battery. I didn't fly it much, however, so it's sold.
30"?/? sq."/10oz
SIG Something Extra Mid-Wing Fun Fly Airplane Unbuilt kit still sitting in box. I bought this back when I first started in RC, but ended up with ARF aerobatic models and never got around to this one. Sold it.
Information on the kit
51.5"/614 sq."/4-5 lbs.
K&A MiG 15
38" EDF Jet
The Stoli MiG kit! This will take some building, so it may take a while to get to this one. So long, in fact, I sold it!
Manufacturer's web site
38"/295 sq."/~50 oz
Slow Hawk by Sean Kincade
60" electric Ornithopter
Fantastic to watch it fly, but got bored with it quickly. Sold.
59"/? sq."/17 oz

Graupner Cosmic Wind
Reno Racer
I always wanted one of these, but getting around to building it is (as always) a problem! I intend to make this one scream - probably 20 cells or so.. A fellow RCGroups member had one of these that he banged up pretty good. Another member took on the challenge to repair the fuselage, and did a great job. The original owner, however, did not want to risk flying it again, so they sold it as-is. Wing tip is a little banged up but would take no time to repair, and otherwise the model is mostly ready to assemble and fly. Now I can fly THIS one first, with less 'emotional attachment' than with a shiney new kit. Just have to get 'around to it!' Update. So much for these plans. Sold them both to reduce the fleet..
47"/404 sq."/~80 oz ? Seems a tad heavy?
Nice review here
Long Stick
55" Aerobatic
This is the Mk I, as such, needs a few issues addressed before assembly. Seen these fly, however, and would have been a great compliment to the Diablotin. Just knew it would be a long time until I got to putting it together. Sold.
55"/500 sq."/?oz
Esprit Model's web site
CSD Vortex
46" Sports Hotliner
For (1) Aveox 1406/2Y on 7 cells (screams). Have 1409/1Y modified F5D motor (5000kV) that I planned to try, wing was reinforced to take additional load. Just needed ailerons installed, then painting and assembly. Decided it had sat on the shelf long enough, sold it to a modeler who could get some enjoyment out of it!
46"/273 sq."/38oz
Cavazos Web Site
Windrider Aviation Mini Bee
Molded EPP parkflyer wing
The Mini Bee was a great little wing for casual flying, whether at the flying field, or in small areas such as the local park. I just never flew it that much, so I sold it.
34.5"/242 sq."/9.8oz
Click here for my reivew at the E Zone
Hobby Lobby Flame
66" Electric Sports Aerobatic
Astro Flight 625G with Graupner 12x7 CFK folding prop, 14x2000RC, Astro Flight 217D ESC, Futaba R127DF, 4 x Hitec HS80. Great performance on this setup, although a more experienced pilot said it's not set up well. Could use a brushless upgrade, perhaps? Selling for $100 including 4 servos! Kit is no longer available.
66"/684 sq."/5lbs 14oz
Glasflugel H301 Libelle

Read about this beautiful, classic sailplane in articles from Soaring magazine from February 1965 and March 1977.



Carl Goldberg Mirage 550
54" Electric Trainer
Modified with Ailerons. Astro Flight 605G with Graupner 11x8 CAM folding prop, 7x1700RC, Jeti 35 ESC, Futaba R127DF, 4 x Hitec HS80.
54"/464 sq."/50oz
Retired with broken spar and tail feathers as a result of a minor incident with a tree. Survived the collision, but not the felling of the tree! After keeping it in the basement for many years, just threw it out..
34" fun flyer
Does this one need any introduction? I got tired of the can motor falling off, so I upgraded to a Hacker B20 18L brushless, and use a 2-series pack of 1020 Kokam Lithium Polymer cells. Hovered at half throttle and was VERY responsive, plus I got 15-20 minute flights. Did too many stupid things until the airframe was trashed - but hung it on the wall for a few months and came back to it. Only took an hour or so to replace a couple of the broken carbon rods, and this time I went with a new Astro 010 14T with their new gearbox, with a Phoenix 10 controller and the same 2x1020 Kokams. Flew 'ok' with a 10x4.7, but power was down significantly. Although I still have it taking up space, it's pretty much retired.
33.5"/589 sq."/about 8 oz
Wild R/C's web site (although I picked this one up at New Creations R/C)
Trick R/C Zagi-400 Electric
48" Foamie Fun Flyer
Multiplex Turbo 450 with Aeronaut 6.5x4 prop, 8x800AR, FMA mini 30 ESC, Hitec 555, 2x Hitec HS80. - SCREAMS with this power setup. Then I dropped a Kontronik 400/22 into it and switched to 8xCP1300 cells - even better. Then I went to a 7x4 prop. WOW! Finally, and 8.5x5 prop - nearly unlimited vertical (if you can hold it). Now I run it on a Jeti Phasor 15/4, same CP1300 cells, and an old Graupner Slim 9x5 prop. Wow. I've seen geared setups that work well, but this is about as fast and as fun as a zagi can get!
Killed in a head-on collision during combat fun at SEFF 2002. It had been rebuilt twice previous, once to install a ply spar, second time to install 2 carbon spars following an explosion at DEAF 2000 which reduced much of the root foam to soft mushy foam balls. This time it's terminal, but it will be replaced, perhaps with more power? (evil grin) - see Zagi 3, above
48"/480 sq."/30oz+ at time of destruction!
Scratch Built hotliner by Gene Norman
30" 05 sports pylon
Designed and flown with an Astro 035, this model was sold to me by the designer as I seem to have a thing for fast models (you think?).
?"/? sq."/12oz airframe & prop only
Update: First flight, AP29L, 7xCP1700, 5.5x5.5.. Moved out nicely, but needed severe trim changes, possibly warped wing? Entered an unrecoverable spin, crashed badly - picture here..
100" glider.
Lost at my first sailplane competition, a beautiful 80" V-tail that I had an Aveox F7 (!!), L160C (!!!) and 14x9.5 on 7x1700RC cells. Also lost Super Slim, HS81, receiver pack, etc. I guess it happend to us all at some point, but I'm still kicking myself for this - tail showed signs of weakness from hard spot landings, yet I kept on flying. Tail came off in flight, wing broke as a result, fuse went straight down into a swamp.. sigh...
VASA models Fogo
26" Span ducted fan flying wing.
The building supplies you see in this picture, along with about 2 hours total time spent working on this model, were all that were needed to get it flying. This thing SCOOTS with a speed 300 in the supplied Vasa fan, on just 7 (600AE or 500A) cells. Can be built with a 280BB also - that would really go! Reached the range of the Feather receiver in just a few seconds, but it's repaired and ready to go again with an FMA Extreme 5 instead! Seen flying at SEFF!
A couple of crashed put paid to this one - the fan was destroyed both times (new fans are expensive) so I decided to retire this one. A lot of giggles per dollar, but the fan is too fragile, and when it goes in, it goes in hard! Removed parts and retired.
26"/210 sq."/11.2oz/7.75oz/sq.'
F.F.X. ME-109 Foamie Warbird
Most recent flight attempts resulted in major damage, splitting fuselage in two. Could be repaired, but for as often as I flew this one, I might just retire it.
Stock - Speed 400 6v but I installed a Mega 16/15/5. Prop - AeroNaut GLAS Elektro 6x5, TMM 18 +3ph ESC, Hitec (2x) HS-55, 555 RX and 8-cell 600AE for 10 exciting scale-like minutes. Great flyer, durable - to a point. Broke fuselage in half, removed equipment and retired (but available for free if someone wants to repair it)
"31/163 sq."/17.4oz
See the full review on the E Zone
Ikarus Piccolo
Fixed Pitch Electric Micro Heli
2xHitec HS55, Piccoboard, Hitec Feather Receiver. I could never get the darned thing to hover for more than minute before it gets away from me. After one more crash, gave up and ripped it apart for parts, and threw the rest away..
Rotor: 20", Length: 20", ~10oz

Tim H's 3DX Broke one of the pull-pull cables, but lost interest. Ripped out equipment and binned it.
37" 3D Fan fold Foamie
APC E 10x4.7 and 3s 830mAh Apogee on either end of a Nippy 0808. 9.7oz ready to fly. Note elevator/rudder are kevlar pull/pull. Flies great, and is almost totally silent!! I got 24 minute flights with a 3s Kokam 1500 pack, but I tried a 3s Apogee 830 and I LOVE it even more now that it's under 10oz. I can live with the shorter flights (although not by much as it now hovers just off idle! I extended the aileron chord somewhat and slow-flight response is much improved. Probably increased the wing area by a significant amount, too. Got pretty beat up, eventually scavenged for parts and thrown out..
37"/360 sq."/9.7 oz
Free Plans from FoamyFactory Models
Multiplex LUPO indoor/street/parkflyer
Foam ARF trainer
Trashed by the previous owner, but easily fixed, I flew this one a little when I started indoor, but soon lost interest.
Radical R/C Lil' Hornet
29" fun flyer
A radical park/street flyer aerobat 3D thing! Given to me broken by previous owner, quick fix had it flying but I managed to tear it up again.
29"/ 240? sq."/about 10 oz
Dave Thacker's Lil' Hornet page
Scorpio "Little Habicht" Slowflyer RC Glider
40" span parkflyer glider
A hoot to fly on a gentle slope or in light thermals. Can be hand-thrown or towed, or even towed to thermal altitude by a moderater parkflyer (built-in aerotow release!) The wing was broken before first flights, an easy fix with a little probond. Then the entire airframe was smashed when the wings folded during a firm tow. Again, esaily rebuilt with probond and lots of tape to hold all the pieces together!
Equipped with 4x50mAh NiCd, 2xMX-30 Pico BB servos and an MPI MX-6800 Receiver.
39.5" / 155 sq." / 3.4oz
Hobby Lobby web site Now retired
Aerobatic 3D Profile
From SEFF raffle, 32" wingspan, 29" long, 208 sq. in. wing area, 9.7 oz. flying weight. Great 3D, but got pretty beat it. Stripped then trashed it.


Traxxas EMAXX
4WD R/C monster truck
You've not had fun until you've cartwheeled one of these over a jump at 30mph! Runs GREAT stock with two 7-cell GP3300 NiMH packs! I want more duration, however, so a brushless system is on the way.. he he..
Traxxas Web Site
Tamiya F201
Formula-1 4WD R/C chassis
Mid motor shaft driven 4WD race car with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. A Hoot stock, once you figure out the supplied tires are junk, then with an Endoplasma motor - it screamed. Broke many pieces slamming into curbs and such. Installed a Novak brushless system, but had to dissasemble the entire chassis to replace some major parts, as well as install a suspension cross-brace kit. Haven't run it on a track since the upgrade, but plan to soon!
Click here for video!
Tamiya Web Site
HPI RS4 Sport 2
4WD Touring Car
I bought this to test some new speed controls. A nice kit, less complex than the F201 (above) but this just means "easier to set up right"! Handles well with stock tires. I equipped it with an Aveox 27/39/1 for the tests, and ran it up to 12 cells! It screamed with that much power on tap. Have to back off for club racing, though.
HPI Web Site
DuraTrax® Micro Street Force
1/18 Ready-To-Run Electric 4WD Race Car
Great little car for indoor running.
Read my review on RC Power Magazine
Available from Hobbico
Graupner Minimoa
Built for display only, but what a beautiful model! 2.8m / 110"
Graupner B24 Bat Boat!
26" Electric race boat
Designed for a speed Z-600 outdrive suitable for heavy duty can motors, I started with an Aveox 1406/2Y on 8 cells, then moved to a F5D race-modificed 1409/1Y, but blew up a Jeti 70A ESC on the first run! Moved out pretty good, though. Tried a Jeti 15/4 on 12 cells, and threw a magnet (but was a bit quicker). Hooked, I moved the battery to the rear of the hull and switched to the Mega 30/3 that used to be in my Falcon. NOW you're talking but it was riding way out of the water, and flipped a couple of times while running straight and level. Did a lot of research, and found I needed the battery more forwards again, and some trim tabs. Once I get those installed, I expect great things! Fun fun fun.. (until you have to go swimming in slime to retrieve it!!)
Click here for video!
Couger Cat
60" offshore race boat
This will be a monster, but it will be a while before I get it going, I'm sure. Sold here..
Here's a goodie - a 360 degree shot of my old workshop (new one under construction)!